Personal Loans - Explaining Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans
Personal Loans

Personal Loans – Explaining Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

Why not get Unsecured Loans? There is an insurance that aims to ensure the discharge of a debt of the insured in the event of your death or disability or even involuntary unemployment. The first beneficiary of this type of insurance to the debt limit is always the creditor company. The insured will have the tranquility to have your debt paid off if something unforeseen happens. For the institution granting credit, credit insurance is a guarantee that default can be avoided in the case of death or disability or unemployment of the insured.

For those who have no equity, this insurance is compared to social protection, because its goal is to prevent the loss of any property acquired. This type of insurance has emerged to ensure additional protection to those who have benefits to pay. You can also read more detail in this article The financial commitments may be affected by unforeseen events, such as death, involuntary job loss or inability to perform duties, even temporarily, preventing the person to maintain the payment of certain benefits or fees. It is worth remembering also that, in the event the insured dies or become invalid and have hired an insurance with higher guarantee of payment to the debt incurred, this will be settled with the financial institution or company which granted the credit or Unsecured Loans.

Personal Loans - Explaining Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

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The difference between the amount paid and the debt contracted compensation will be paid to the beneficiary the insured indicate or himself, in case of disability. Examples

  • You got a loan of $5,000 and hired a loan insurance (not the Unsecured Loans) to ensure the exact amount of this debt. If it occurs one of the risks specified in the policy, the debt will be settled. In other words, there will be no compensation to another beneficiary, because the first beneficiary will always be the financial institution or the company granting the credit or loan.

Why are Unsecured Loans useful for companies?

For companies, giving Unsecured Loans is nothing more than a liability. The insurance is a tool that able to help reduce delinquency, and to the relatives of those who contracted the loan is ensuring the maintenance of the acquired assets. These are the main features of this insurance – until recently almost unexplored time in some countries, which, together with the insertion of the population with lower purchasing power in the consumer market, promoted its growth in recent years. Consumers do not buy the loan insurance directly with the insurer, but if the store or have financial partnership with an insurance company, the buyer will have the option to sign him. In addition to working with retailers and financial networks for the sale of loan insurance, insurers have signed partnerships with banks for the supply of the product linked to payroll loans.

On the other hand, credit expansion and in particular payroll loans in recent years, contributed overwhelmingly to the growth of this class of Personal Loans that might not be good for the company that provides the credit, for more details visit this site.